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I'm a full stack developer, currently improving my skills in Angular, Python and DevOps.

I love C#, coffee, games and anime. My wife and I enjoy travelling to different places, drinking different types of beer and trying different food. We love animals and to walk near the beach.

Things I have experience:

  • ASP.NET MVC + Identity: I created an auth pipeline allowing Windows Authentication for local network users or UserName & Password Authentication for external users through Identity framework, using custom attribute filters. It works as an Extranet application.
  • Angular Material: I created some custom components through angular modules/directives to encapsulate specific jQuery plugins (e.g jstree, bootgrid) and some other plugins to be used in our angular apps. I actually like working with Material, and each component used in our interfaces are updated via SignalR, mostly using declarative html attributes to configure them.
  • Web API - WCF: I create them to represent the backend application. I managed to implement a farm environment with a load balance for ARR Servers and a load balance for Application Servers (using shared configuration and shared fileserver for hosting app files). Apps may use Redis as a distributed cache mechanism (now I'm learning sentinel to implement failover).
  • SignalR: I implemented SignalR backplane with SQL Server to support the farm environment, it works with Groups to update frontend components.
  • Mass Transit + RabbitMQ: I played around with it. It enabled various app/domain contexts to communicate through a pub/sub mechanism in farm environment.
  • Paralellism
  • Entity Framework
  • SQL Server/MySQL
  • Delphi 2009: I have a good knowledge in Delphi 2009 (I have never used XEs), how to use interfaces (which can be quite hard for people who lack knowledge in reference count and managing/freeing objects, actually I had troubles as well). I have experience with dbexpress and DevExpress VCL library.
  • Unity3D: I have some knowledge with Unity3D, I once created a simple game which communicated with a Web API hosted in Amazon EC2. You need to have a good understanding of how iterators work, you have to use yield everywhere. It's quite fun and challenging (I still have the code in BitBucket).

Find Me:

For the near future, I want to learn how to build mobile apps with things like Ionic.

For the far future, I want to research about AI and Big Data. It just triggers my feelings out.

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  • Santos, Brazil
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