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Alex Cohen
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Looking for part-time adjunct computer science professor positions.

● AWS, GCP, Azure, kvm/bare metal, Vsphere
● Golang, Bash, Ruby, Ansible, HTTP API scripting, C++, C#, Java, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML
● Terraform, Vagrant, Virtualbox, Amazon Web Services (EC2, ELB, RDS, S3, Route 53, CloudWatch, resource tagging, IAM user management, Cloudformation, AWS CLI tools and APIs, ruby AWS-SDK)
● Docker, GitHub, Gitlab CI/CD, Apache, Nginx, Splunk, Nagios, Container Service Discovery and Orchestration, Kubernetes
● Alpine, Ubuntu, Red Hat (RHEL), CentOS, Mac OS X

    F5 Inc.
Software Engineer Level III
4/2021 - present

    Volterra Inc.
Site Reliability Engineer
3/2020 - 4/2021

    Illumio Inc.
Site Reliability Engineer
9/2016 - 3/2020

● Working with concourse CI pipelines managing per branch unit tests.
● AWS administration of EC2, EBS, EIP, Route53 and health checks, Cloudwatch, S3,
IAM user control, SQS, GuardDuty.
● Automated AWS IAM management with cloudformation.
● Worked with the “Illumio for Containers” service to secure containerized applications running in
OpenShift and Kubernetes using Illumio's Adaptive Security Platform.
● Creation and maintenance of developer-facing slack bot running the ruby lita-slack repository codebase to manage multiple AWS applications through stop, start, reboot, tagging, instance creation, developer workgroups, ssh access control, stash repository management, and Illumio software installation functions in combination with SQS and concourse.
● In addition, the bot also performed AWS cost analysis and told jokes.
● Cluster deployment using Ansible and Chef.
● Advanced programming in Ruby, Bash and Python.
● Assisting in maintaining and releasing code to a production SAAS cluster.
● Engaged in on-call rotations to monitor SAAS and production resources.
● Created an automated multi-region multi-account pen-testing tool utilizing NMap and Edgescan.
● Created an academic research project and paper on the software lifecycle of the automated
pen-testing tool for my master's degree at Rochester Institute of Technology.
● High level of administration and deployment of Illumio product clusters on workloads, labels, policy, rules, rulesets, vulnerability maps, CLI tools and HTTP API control over resources on Illumio systems.
● Gained Illumio associate product certification.
● Regular use of Jira, Stash, Slack, and Confluence. Created multiple concourse pipelines
automating processes of creating Jira tickets, updating stash repositories, updating confluence
wiki pages, automated messaging and bot features on Slack.
● Creation of full testing suite for said DevOps oriented chatbot through RSpec codebase function
tests, staging servers and smoke tests run through RSpec.
● Taught in internal 3-day bootcamp training courses on the Illumio product, while responsible for the administration, upgrades maintenance and deployment of the training production SAAS clusters.
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