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Hey! Check out Superhero Comics - a jam-packed 3D/VR bookstore, at

Watch a brief video tour here

40+ years programming everything. Virtual and shared online environments is my current focus. User-interface design and human-facing applications has been my main specialty for well over 30 years contributing core IP to several startups.

I have specific experience in 2D, 3D, VR and AR applications over a wide array of projects for several young startups dating back to days at MIT's Media Lab. In the past, I've been involved with unique work utilizing Papervision, Alternativa, Torque and Unity. Most recently I've made many exploratory 3d environments with WebGL, and shared environment experiments built utilizing nodejs, a-frame, and reactjs also.

Today I am creating Infinite Stores - a spatial CMS platform and editing tools for making dynamic content-rich 3D and virtual reality shopping experiences.

Infinite Stores provides individuals as well as groups of artisans a new way to sell products online via virtual store-spaces within an endless shopping universe that they can maintain and visually merchandise - just like real-world stores. The layout and mgmt apps are super easy to use and run in any web browser and do not require any special equipment. Engaging store experiences can be enjoyed by anyone who loves to shop - via client apps that run on the web, on mobile, and immersively via head-mounted VR systems.

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