Robert Lucian Chiriac


  1. C/C++, Python, JavaScript, Node.js, GoLang, etc (very proficient in C/C++/Python trio). Also, interested in doing projects in GoLang.
  2. Programming on Linux OS (primarily Debian-based distros), SystemD, bash/shell scripting, networking and routing protocols and know how to work with the terminal line.
  3. Familiar with data-mining/AI in Python - numpy, scipy, pandas, seaborn, matplotlib, keras, scikit-learn, etc. Very interested in deep-learning/machine-learning/RL techniques.
  4. Using Jupyter Lab as the go-to solution for learning/teaching new technologies.

Embedded Systems

  1. Arduino, Raspberry, Galileo, PIC, Atmel Cortex, etc
  2. Xbees, Bluetooth BLE, Radio Communication (2-way), WiFi, Cell Tower Communication (GSM boards), etc
  3. I2C, UART, SPI, PWM and so on - using the scope or the logic analyzer for discovering issues around some existing system and then developing solutions for it.
  4. Relays, Switches, Power Converters, Muxes, Demuxes, Cameras, Accelerometers, Gyros, GPS, Compass, Light detectors, PIR (motion detectors), LIDARs, etc.

Project management

  1. Prefer working on open-source projects. GitHub is my go-to software development platform.
  2. Slack for internal communications.
  3. JIRA/Trello/Waffle/GitHub for managing the projects.
  4. Travis-CI or Jenkins for CI/CD purposes.

Electronic systems

  1. Eagle CAD, PCB layout, Verilog, prototyping, circuit design, etc
  2. Drawings and Gerber files.
  3. Have knowledge about the manufacturing process.
  4. Familiar with PCB manufacturers.

Components/Parts Design

  1. Solidworks, AutoCAD, Fusion360.
  2. Design mechanical arms, complex structures, gears, etc.
  3. Work with plexiglass, rubberized material, balsa, PLA, ABS, PETG, etc.
  4. Work w/ laser-cutting and 3D printing services. I own a Prusa i3 mk3 :)
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