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I am a passionate Python developer with experience in web backend, API design, and async programming. I put a lot of effort into self-education and self-growth. To stay fresh, I need to sense progress in my life. Currently, with comprehensive knowledge about Network, DBs, Docker, Gitlab CI/CD, monolithic and microservices architectures, I am seeking opportunities to expand my capabilities towards scaling, security and other DevOps concepts.

I like to spend time learning new techniques and technologies and prefer Open Source when available.

I started an internship at Fanavaran Etelaate Sokhan when it was a newborn startup, and joined them later. From the beginning, the startup environment demanded a lot of flexibility and capability to work under pressure. It required to work on diverse tasks which as a result, helped me extend my skills and knowledge about different parts of the software development cycle.

Hands-on experience: Python, Async Programming, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, JS/JQuery, Django, FastAPI, Docker, Git, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Scrum, Shell Scripting, ORMs, System Administration, TDD, Virtualization

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