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In 2008, Federico co-founded Abstracta (www.abstracta.us), a company that is dedicated to providing testing services and creating development tools that help simplify software testing tasks.

Federico holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the School of Computer UCLM, in Spain, and he completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering at the University of the Republic in Uruguay.

Since he started testing in 2005, he has participated in functional, automated and performance testing projects as an analyst, tester and project leader. He co-founded Abstracta Academy and Apptim (formerly, Monkop).

In 2014, he published the first testing book entirely in Spanish called "Introduction to Information Systems Testing". He co-founded and collaborates in the Nahual project (www.nahual.uy), a non-profit organization for social inclusion through an education in software testing, and TestingUY (www.testinguy.org), the biggest testing conference in Latin America.

In 2019 he moved to California, USA, with his wife who is a researcher at UC Berkeley.

In 2021 Federico graduated from the Stanford + LBAN SLEI, a 10-week program dedicated to Latino Entrepreneurs focused on how to scale their business.

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