Gökhan Şengün

I am a full stack developer with 12 years of experience. I started my career working on Operating System of a telecommunication product family. After that I worked on embedded, real-time systems used in Industrial Automation. Then I developed plenty of application level software and for the last 3 years I have been actively working on building resilient, highly available and scaleable systems.

With my strong technical background and ambition, I am able to learn and implement new concepts/tools quickly and easily. Throughout my career, I worked on projects covering actual full stack of software development. Some of them were enhancing file systems, implementing internet protocols (DNS, SMTP, etc) from scratch using RFCs, finding and fixing performance bottlenecks in application servers and databases, creating a 3D app using DirectX, building APIs, consuming them from SPAs, designing/running distributed systems.

I am a passionate learner, good problem solver and team player. I also like sharing the knowledge and experience with the community and I have a personel blog where I write every Monday. I am also a public speaker appearing regularly in local tech conferences.

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