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Self educated web developper, I started creating small websites at the age of 15 and was struggling at the time with IE6 and div layouts. Good ol' times ! Since then I worked as a full stack dev (PHP, Symfony, JS, HTML5, CSS3) and as a network admin in a full Linux environment.

I tend to specialize now in front-end development as i'm working as a ReactJS / JS developer. React and Redux had me intrigued by functional programming and since then, I started to learn more about it with Ramda, Fantasy-land, Sanctuary and other languages such as Elm and Haskell (in which I'm just starting to scratch the surface when I've got time to)

When I'm not working on code, I enjoy creating through photography, drawing and above all music. I'm also a skydiver and combining it with photography makes it a very enjoyable sport !

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