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JavaScript & PHP since 1995, now focused mainly in ES6 & NodeJS. Experienced with many different databases including PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc to name a few.

I'm the guy who:

  1. You give a big project to complete single handed and you already know it will be finished on time and of high quality.
  2. I'm the guy who doesn't say much... but when I do, I might be drinking Ballast Point's Victory at Sea (Mocha & Coffee Bean version -- if you wanna send me some please!)
  3. Has a blog about something something whatever.
  4. Made his own touch table interface and software for it.
  5. You never knew was a dj and producer as well!
  6. Learned theory behind sound engineering for fun.
  7. Learned how to build his own electronics so he can create his own analog synth.
  8. Is a bit of a wild card... a little crazy perhaps, but crazy in the good way!
  9. Could be your wild card.
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