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Hemant Thorat

Technical skills: ✔ Setting up back-end microservice architecture using REST, Sockets, Message bus, Serialization following ACID, BASE, CAP and PACELC. ✔ Thomson Reuters, Financial express REST/FTP api integration. ✔ Ecommerce paypal, sagepay, usaepay payment gateway integration. ✔ Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn api integration. ✔ Ubuntu, CentOS ✔ Programming - Java, Php, Node.js, Javascript, Bash and KDB+ ✔ Web and App Servers - Apache, Tomcat, Jetty ✔ Proxies - Nginx, HAProxy, Varnish ✔ Rdbms - Mysql, MariaDB, Mssql ✔ In-Memory - Apache Ignite ✔ Timeseries - KDB+, Influxdb ✔ NoSql - Cassandra, Mongodb, Redis, Memcache ✔ Search Engines - Apache Solr, Elastic Search, Sphinx ✔ Messaging Brokers - Kafka, RabbitMQ, Gearman ✔ Serialization - Thrift, Protocal Buffer ✔ Distributed lock - Zookeeper, Etcd, Consul ✔ Security - SSL Injection, XSS, Miner, DRDos. ✔ Server Admin - Installation, Partitioning, Mounting, Networking, NFS, OpenVPN, SSL, dnsmasq, Ucarp, KVMoIP. ✔ Virtualization - LXD, Docker, VirtualBox, Vagrant, VMware ✔ Cloud - Route53, EC2, S3, CloudFront ✔ Monitoring - Htop, Newrelic, Graphite, Grafana, Monit, Supervisord, Upstart, Zabbix. ✔ Logging - Rsyslog, Graylog, Sentry, Loggly, ELK ✔ Alerts - PagerDuty, Twilio, uptimerobot, ✔ Build, Deployment - Git, TeamCity, Ansible, Jenkins ✔ Tools - Hipchat, Slack, Confluence, Statushero, Zapier, Trello, JIRA, Clubhouse, Storiesonboard, Asana. ✔ Hadoop, Spark I am interested in working with entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, the role which involved R&D and cutting edge technologies.

  • Nashik, Maharashtra, India
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