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Syed Aqeel

I’m a senior software engineer with 4+ years experience working professionally.Presently I’m looking for my next role in a diverse and inclusive team. As a web developer, I have great experience in PHP, MVC(Laravel), OOP, PHP Modelling, and also experienced in client-side technologies like Javascript, ReactJS, AngularJS. I have also great skills in Database management, RDBMS Development and worked on MySQL, Oracle DB, SQLite, and IndexedDB. I’m learning about things such as MongoDB, NoSQL, Data Science, Data Security and machine learning and also SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Development, and have worked a lot with performance analysis, multiple databases (MySQL, etc), and service-based architectures. I have recently worked on the development of E-Commerce website and served as UX designer and Code Optimizer. I have Worked in different sort of companies like small and big(not very).Worked on many projects based on Restful API, the task understanding, and working as a part of the team is my great ability. If any of the above sounds like someone you’d be interested in interviewing & hiring, you can try my skills, although, it is a little more focused on my work as a front-end engineer.

  • Jhelum Cantt, Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan
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