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Mark McClelland

Mark McClelland splits his time between creative writing and software engineering. Currently a developer for the Bleacher Report for Android, he has been coding for money for over twenty years. Recent experience includes two years as Director of Finance Technology at a global high-frequency trading firm, and two years at Microsoft, following their acquisition of a corporate group-chat application he helped build.

Mark's first novel, "Upload", is a Winner of the ForeWord Reviews' 2012 Book of the Year Award in Science Fiction, and one of Chicago Book Review's Best Books of 2014. He studied Computer Science and Creative Writing at the University of Michigan’s Residential College, where he won a Hopwood Award for poetry. He writes in search of truths that defy simple, direct expression, and publishes to share his discoveries with others.

Mark lives in Chicago with his wife, Nancy, and two cats. Outside of coding and writing, he enjoys cooking, traveling, reading, studying foreign languages, boating, and inventing cocktails. He is currently working on a post-Singularity novel set some years after "Upload". He also writes poetry for his wife, sole member of the Poem-of-the-Month Club.

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