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In various ministry positions I've held, coding has often helped me to be a blessing to others. I've worked as a Creative Director at the international offices of my global church organization, and I currently serve a local church as pastor, and serve my area as a district presbyter. I also serve in a volunteer capacity on the director boards of both state and county-level pro-life non-profit ministries, and as "web dev" guy for a bunch of ministries and churches. I'm a writer (both fiction and nonfiction), and I've created several tech-based business startups (none of which have hit the big time yet). At least a thousand times I've turned to this website for answers, and I finally decided to join and take part. I lurk before I leap, and I much prefer to study things out on my own -- but I will ask for help when I am really stumped. Glad I'm here. Help and be helped.

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