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  • Java
  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • PHP
  • C#

Other software I work with / implement stuff for:

  • Axon.ivy
  • XPages / Domino (a thing that should die)


  • Java: Eclipse
  • TypeScript / JavaScript: Visual Studio Code, Notepad++
  • PHP: phpStorm - and Notepad++
  • C#: SharpDevelop, Visual Studio Enterprise

Also doing some server administration stuff. Please put SOAP to a REST for APIs. Also not a big fan of XML when people ignore the M completely.

Mainly programming for a living now, sometimes I tend to do some small personal projects in my free time.

I tend to use different approaches sometimes, because if it works, it ain't stupid. As long as it is maintainable.

I don't think a 100% test coverage isn't any proof that an application is working fine, it's just a metric some dogmatic people strife for. It's a help for refactorings and concurrent work in a team for sure, but having 100% at all cost is just nothing I'd support.

And since you spent the time to actually read through my profile: Have a nice day!

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