pascal sautot

Software engineer for some time, I naviagte now in between project/team management and R&D contribution (mostly for proof of concept).

I started up working on medical image processing and multi modality registration (3D/2D). I developed a novative camera calibration algorithm mixing up image processing, pattern recognition and statistics computation.

My primary language has been C followed by C++ for which I acquired a solid experience (expert) including object oriented approach. Along my different jobs I have learnt several GUI frameworks (Motif/X11, MFC, Qt) for desktop applications.

More recently I have been involved in web (typescript/javascript) and web mobile (angular/cordova) developement and other languages (rust, go, kotlin). I have used Ruby to develop a sketchup plugin, python to maintain a weird and complicated simulation application.

Last but not least I am ramping up on convolutional network in Python IA eco system and Android native development.

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