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Shubham is a T-Shaped Software Professional with wide interests in agile processes and methodologies. He always keenly takes part in technical leadership activities and deriving nice technical solutions for complex problems. He strives first for customer focus, product success and team building.

He has been exclusively part of following

⭐Designing, architecting, development, testing, instrumentation, deployment, stabilisation and operations for fault-tolerant, loosely coupled, scalable and real-time distributed services and features.

⭐Evaluation of new technologies / frameworks and their integration with projects.

⭐Committed to Agile delivery best practices and involved in all scrum ceremonies to carve out smooth feature delivery.

⭐Optimize the existing code in order to improve the performance and remove obsolete code and emphasis on clean abstractions of code, loosely coupled services and good coding practices.

⭐Debug and fix issues in any module of the project found during testing, Follow software practices like TDD, SOLID, KISS, DRY, 12 Factor App etc..

⭐Write infrastructure as a code and automate provisioning of all microservices using CI/CD/CS tools.

⭐Focus on performance engineering aspects of all projects before delivery and adhere to devsecops principles.

⭐Mentor rookie developers and taking training sessions to enhance better delivery and best practices of IT Industry.

⭐Social Media Marketing/Email Marketing/Content Curation/Growth Hacking - He loves to do this in his free time

Industries touched so far

⭐Testing and Monitoring

⭐Cyber Security

⭐Online Gambling and Casinos

When he is not doing any technology stuff, you can find him doing things like singing, poetry, mimicry, dancing, traveling, writing etc.

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