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Sql Server management studio 2005 cant connect to localhost using windows authentication
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Turns out that I had to go into the Surface Area Configuration and add myself as an Administrator. I am not really sure why this was the case, but it seems to have solved my problem. I could then ...

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Cannot generate SSPI context from SQL Server Management Studio (2005)
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So I finally got a logon to the actual server. I think the problem was that someone had the service running under their account, and must have changed their password. Hope this helps if anyone else ...

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Installing CentOS 6.4 on Xen 6.0: Install hangs on "Switching to clocksource hyperv_clocksource"
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I have actually noticed this problem as well with xenserver 6.2 I ended up having to put clocksource=jiffies clocksource_failover=hpet

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