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Micah B.
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A C#, MVC, SQL, Web and Windows developer with over 17 years experience in the software development industry with extensive experience in architecture, design and development of secure, high-performance applications, including e-commerce applications, with a variety of standards based technologies.

Have worked as a consultant for years directly with high level managers and executives of various companies. I’ve learned their vision and direction, and to analyzed business needs to make recommendations for custom development solutions and integration with existing systems.

Have worked with high capacity production databases with up to 500 million rows. Have worked primarily SQL Server, but I have also worked with Oracle and MySQL. Have performance tuned databases, using replication, de-normalization (as well as indices) and other methods to give high-speed access to large data sets.

Have several years of experience using Microsoft Azure PaaS and IaaS cloud solutions, including writing applications that run on multiple servers and handle requests for transactional operations while maintaining data integrity with optimistic and pessimistic concurrency.

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