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I have been developing applications for professional use since 1990, but started playing with computers already in 1981. I started with a Acorn Electron, but found my way through different home computers until I started developing software in about 1990. I have worked in various software development companies doing anything from games (Funcom) to military grade software (Teleplan). I started programming in C++ but has since then programmed various languages, including C, C++, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, Typescript, Elm and Dart.

In my longest paid job we were developing search software for businesses: "What Google does for individuals IntelliSearch/Haive/Ayfie does for businesses".

I develop web-frontends and APIs in Javascript/Typescript. I sometimes make cross-platform Electron apps of the UIs too. On the backend side I develop performance critical 24/7 solutions in C# on the .Net platform. I have lately started developing using Flutter and Dart too.

Over the years I have also learned to like and love different platforms, depending on the situation I am in. So, I actually like both Windows, *nix and Mac platforms. Love web development in the "new" node environments.

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