Dan Goldstein

Hi, I'm Dan Goldstein. I've been a software developer both professionally and in my spare time since 2002. I've used a large number of languages and frameworks and have a lot of public code available under the Github and Bitbucket profiles thasmin.

https://github.com/thasmin https://bitbucket.org/thasmin/

I created an open source Android podcast player called Podax. It was published and popular in the open source community around 2014 but time constraints prevented me from maintaining it. I do continue to work on it, and the newest branch contains the latest Android technologies, such as Kotlin and Architecture Components.

At Teralogics, we created a video distribution system that took video from drones in Iraq and Afghanistan and brought it back to the US for analysis. I created the first version alone, then grew with the project to be the software lead of the team of 10 people, then the operations lead as the project matured. Under the strength of this project, the company was acquired for $39M in 2015.

My software and business experience make me a strong contributor to any project. I look forward to going into more detail in an interview.

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