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First and foremost, i love writing code. Ever since i writing my first program in C in a lab to produce a desired output. i have been haunted with the idea of using software to solve real life problems. Software Engineering is a puzzle that never ends and i am passionately engaged in solving this puzzle. I trust in the power of programming to transfrom and improve lifestyle of people around the world.

I am a fresh graduate,recentley joined is company as a mobile application developer, but i was engagrd in the industry since my third semester to get a handsome experience. I have worked in many web and mobile applocation. Recently i am working on a project which is my first complete project(I have developed it from starch).

Coding is not just to code, but you have to think and try to how to solve a reallife problem. After finding solution you have to code.

Skills: JavaScript, Node, React native, react, context, redux, PHP, MYSQL, firebase, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS3, Data Analysis Interested: Artifical Intelliegnce ,Robotics

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