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Stan S.
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I am a Python programmer, with extensive experience in PHP, some Java, Javascript, Jquery, a good dose of SQL specifically in PostGreSQL, as well as SQLite, and so on.

Have a Comp Sci BA Degree from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. (An AS Degree in Comp Sci also) There the attention was mainly C programming, some C++, and a lot of Java covering methodology, algorithms, best practices, etc.

I also did a decent amount of business study, specifically entrepreneurship, to be a bit more well-rounded, perhaps one day it will come in use.

The main thing is to keep learning, both professionally and individually.

With a healthy appetite of curiosity and an insatiable striving to improve everyday I hope to achieve my goals just yet.

What else? I'm very fond of Linux, enjoy the GNU Utilities, and am fascinated by robotics, AI, WebGL, and occasionally MS Visual Studio (in the past for VB, but now C++), but mostly MinGW.

To top it off, Space and Science are awesome, and so are you!

And for anyone who ever reads this, I hope you attain your goals as well, good luck.

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