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What Is A Zygomatic Implant?

Bone grafting was traditionally used to create an adequate substructure for dental implants. However, it was challenging to do bone grafting on the sinus floor of the upper jaw. Not only did the process require a bone graft, but it also required a sinus lift as well before the dental implant was placed. Thanks to the new zygomatic implants, the patients now don't need to undergo the two processes, saving money and time.

A zygomatic implant procedure is predictable and safe and is performed by skilled surgeons. It is an excellent treatment option for patients having less bone in the upper jaw.

The process involves bypassing the entire upper jaw and attaching the implant to the cheekbones. A zygomatic implant procedure should only be performed by skilled surgeons.

At the Facial and Oral Surgery Institute in Woodland Hills, we have experienced surgeons specializing in Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Surgery. We treat injuries, defects, and diseases involving the aesthetic and functional aspects of the soft and hard tissues of the jaws, mouth, and face.

This procedure has three main advantages. First, the procedure involves bypassing the upper jaw. Hence there is no need for bone grafting and sinus lifting, thus saving time. Secondly, the process is usually a good option for patients who do not have enough bone for an implant. And lastly, it bypasses bone grafting and sinus lifting, which are costly.

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