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Jessé Filho
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I'm looking for a student job to help me finance my studies at University of Tours in UFR Blois, below follows my skills.

My abilities and fields that I have interests is:

  • ETL process;
  • Postgresql Database;
  • Data Cleaner;
  • Suite Pentaho;
  • Pyhton - Scripts;
  • Python/Scrapy;
  • PDI/Kettle;
  • OLAP;
  • Saiku;
  • Frontend - HTML5,javascript,CSS,bootstrap;

I’ve finished high school with a computer specialization. Where I was accepted at the Federal University Of Pernambuco in 2011. I’ve chosen Applied Systems of Information specialization, as my interests in programming, BI, hackthons and Project Management were confirmed. I have only excellent marks from all years of education. I speak two foreign languages English and French.

Currently, with 3 years of profissional experience in data analysis I was accepted at Tours University for a Master's degree in Big data management and analytics.

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