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Senior Integration Consultant on Software AG Information Logistics Specialist Enterprise Application Integration, Information Logistics, unix/*nix, Mac OS 8/9/X, Microsoft Windows (2.0-2008/XP/Vista/7), Microsoft Office (1-2007), VBA, OpenOffice (1.1-3.1), Perl, Ruby, ksh/bash/grep/sed/awk, ssh/ssl, http, TCP/IP routing, VPN, IPSEC, Kerberos, X.25, Frame Relay, ADSL, ISDN, VoIP, wifi, Ethernet, SMB/CIFS, NFS, MySQL/Oracle/Postgresql/Postgis, CVS/Subversion/Git, SOA/webMethods/WebSphere, InfraMon, PerfMon, Team/Crossvista, Lotus Notes, RubyOnRails, html, css, xml, dtd, sgml, JavaScript
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